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In 2016, we began a safety and security initiative called Building a Safer Environment (B.A.S.E.), resulting from years of research and real-world experience surrounding strategies to create safer environments. Our ongoing research includes reviewing local and national standards, analyzing case studies, lessons learned from previous design experience and teaming with Tier One Tactical Solutions, LLC.

B.A.S.E. focuses on how to make public buildings, in particular – schools and libraries, safer. We have developed an interactive, free presentation that walks staff members through a series of scenarios and building layouts to better improve security and safety. Each presentation is catered to the building type – school or library.

We have also developed a comprehensive safety and security evaluation that can be implemented on a districtwide basis or on an individual building. Our evaluation identifies vulnerabilities and potential threats to protect against active shooter incidents. The results are documented in a report which details observations and offers options for improving safety and security.

To schedule a free presentation or to learn more about our safety and security evaluation, email us at