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Center of Clayton

The City of Clayton and Bond Architects are partnering to remodel the existing Center of Clayton recreation facility and to expand the footprint to improve member’s experience. Read and see more:

St. Louis County Library District

Bond Architects recently completed 15 branch renovations/additions for St. Louis County Library District and currently serves as the expert library design consultant on two new branches - Meramec Valley and Thornhill. Read and see more:

Applied Behavior Services

Bond Architects and Applied Behavior Services are working together to reimagine a former church into the new 13,000 SF space to provide innovative programming and services for students. Read and see more:

Adzick Field

Bond Architects is partnering with JBC to design the new Adzick Field for shared-use by the City of Clayton and Clayton School District. Read and see more:

Caseyville Public Library

Bond Architects is currently conducting a facility assessment of the existing 3,000 SF 20-year-old building to create a master plan that will accommodate the library for the next 30 years. Read and see more:

Waterford Crossing Clubhouse

Bond Architects is working with Dolan Care Centers to create their vision for a new clubhouse to benefit residents and their families for decades to come. Read and see more:

MSD Caulks Creek Pump Station

In partnership with TWM, Bond Architects is upgrading the MSD Caulks Creek Pump Station. Read more and see more:

Rayburn Park

Bond Architects is working with the City of Crestwood to renovate Rayburn Park. Read and see more: