Bond Architects designs interior spaces that speak to our client’s brand identity. Your building should speak to who you are. When designing, we successfully blend branding, durability, design and budget. Fully coordinated designs are key to make interior spaces look great and feel comfortable.

We ensure all graphics and branding throughout the entire building use consistent fonts and colors. Careful selection is made to coordinate design on all levels including architectural, interior, furniture and graphics. The end result is a building that is user-friendly, easy to navigate and speaks to the client’s brand.

Branding, wayfinding and graphics are more than just building signage. Through the use of creative and consistent signage, graphics, colors and text, your end-users will enjoy a unified design that not only accomplishes its goal but is pleasing to the senses. Our in-house services include:

  • Building and Campus Wayfinding Solutions

  • Architectural Signage Design

  • RFQ/RFP Management for Vendor Selection

  • Fundraising Support

  • Brand Management including Color Coordination, Logo Modifications and Font Standards

  • Space Identification with Custom Graphics

  • History Walls

  • Donor Recognition and Signage

  • Memorabilia Displays

  • Custom Materials and Unique Designs

A few examples of our branding, graphics and wayfinding projects are featured below.