We have worked with Bond Architects since 2000 on a variety of architectural design projects, from large renovations and repairs to life safety and ADA updates. We have a long-standing relationship with the firm due in large part to their expertise working on projects both large and small and their ability to meet strict budgets and deadlines. I have always been impressed with the team’s personal approach to our projects and their understanding that each client and their needs are different. Their extensive experience gives them the ability to suggest unique creative solutions at multiple price points. They are very responsive, collaborative and sensitive to our schedule and budgets. I find them to be a true partner in the process.
— Director of Facilities
During the past 8 years, I have worked with Bond Architects on various projects, both large and small. They bring the same level of focus and intensity to all our projects. We share a very open and collaborative relationship with Bond Architects. Their communication is very strong, and we appreciate the fact that they come to us with recommended solutions if we run into issues in the field. They listen extremely well, take input and feedback, and most importantly - meet schedules and budgets. I have enjoyed working with the firm and will be pleased to continue to do so in the future. Should you choose Bond Architects for your project, you will not be disappointed.
— Director of Facility Services
Our project work with Bond dates back to 1994, and they continue to take a holistic approach to ensure that all needs are met for the District and our community. Their work is technically proficient and highly professional. Strong lines of communication are the highlight of our working relationship. Their personalized service and attention to our needs have been incredible. Bond is accessible to us and always eager to find a solution. I am able to call at any given time with questions or concerns and consistently receive courteous, prompt response. I highly recommend the services of Bond Architects. They provide a strong, skilled team and are truly a pleasure to work alongside.
— Director of Buildings & Grounds